Senior Help

Whether you live far away or are too busy to take time off work--you hate that, but it is a reality for many of us--let Help is Here help you.   

HIH knows what you are going through.  I was very close to my grandmother, she lived in Iowa and I live in Maryland. Her children and grandchildren were scattered across the country. Although she lived independently, she was frustrated much of the time:

  • Grocery shopping was difficult. Labels were hard to read and it was impossible to bend down for items on lower shelves or to reach up for items on upper shelves. Loading the car was exhausting as was carrying the groceries inside and putting them away.
  • Shopping for gifts and herself was frustrating, the big department stores were confusing and reading the sizes and prices was impossible. 
  • Running errands was becoming hard as driving and parking was becoming more difficult.
  • The simple act of filing out a birthday card and mailing it was hard….her handwriting was shaky, it was hard to write the check, sign the card and address the envelope.  
  • She was lonely.



Helping people who are experiencing my grandmothers struggles was one of the reasons I created Help is Here. Our family would have given anything for a service like Help is Here for grandma; I believe it would have prolonged her life. Once she lost her ability to go and do, she gave up. 

Services Include

  • Grocery Shopping: Including carrying the groceries into the house and putting them away.
  • Gift/Clothing/Other Shopping: HIH will take your Senior shopping. If desired, presents will be wrapped and, if necessary,  taken to the post office.
  • Birthday/Holiday Cards: HIH will help buy, sign, address, and take to the post office.
  • Appointments: HIH will take your Senior to their appointment, wait for your Senior, and take them home. Doctor, Dentist, Therapy, Hair, Nails, Massage… wherever they need to go. 
  • Your Senior’s Pet: HIH will take the pet to the groomer, the vet, even for a walk.
  • Out of the Chair and Outside: HIH will go for a walk with your Senior….slow and short, but at least they are moving.
  • Errands: What needs to be done (bank, post office, dry cleaners, etc.), HIH will do.
  • Meetings:  Church, Synagogue, Ruritans, Lions, Auxiliary, Masons, Legion...when and where they need to be.  
  • Holiday Decorations: HIH will get out the boxes and help decorate. After the holiday is over, HIH will come back and put everything away. 
  • Lunch: HIH will take your Senior to their favorite restaurant for lunch. Lunch can be an activity by itself or in conjunction with other activities.
  • Cooking and Baking: After grocery shopping, HIH will help your Senior prepare their favorite meals and baked goods or will make it for them. 
  • Yard Work: Many Seniors still like to putter around the yard, HIH will help them.
  • Technology: Teaching your Senior how to use their email, internet, audio books, facebook and the like.
  • Bill Paying: HIH can make sure the monthly bills are being paid.
  • A Visit: HIH will visit your Senior, bring them lunch and stay to play cards, a game, do a puzzle, watch TV with them, or just talk.
  • Out and About:  Your Senior a History buff?  How about an audio tour of Gettysburg or Antietam!  Movie Junkie?  How about a matinee with popcorn and all of the trimmings!  Theater Junkie?  How about a Broadway show at a local Theater (D.C., Baltimore).

Tell us you Seniors favorite music and a play list will be ready for them.  Tell us your Seniors favorite snack or goodie and we will make sure we have it for them.  


Let Help is Here put the smile back on your Senior's face!



We all know how stubborn Seniors can be, especially when it comes to money. HIH will not discuss the cost of the service with your Senior. Many clients split the cost of the service among family members. A Gift Certificate is a great way to introduce your Senior to Help is Here…they won’t want to waste it, so they will use it!


Not only will HIH do the activity with your Senior, we will also do the activity for your Senior. It is not necessary for your Senior to go shopping, run errands, or take their pet to the vet/groomers, HIH will do this for them. 


CAUTION: Some Seniors do not want to utilize a service for many reasons: they don’t think they need it, they are too proud to accept help, they are too stubborn to accept help, by using the service they feel like they have gotten “old”, and/or they don’t want anyone spending money on them. With that in mind, I will tell your Senior: “Try it once, I am already here and it is paid for…I don’t give reimbursements. If you don’t like me, the next time your daughter (or whomever booked the service) calls, I will tell them I am unavailable."  Usually, once your Senior tries it they like it (Hey Mikey!). Remember, a Gift Certificate is a great way to introduce your Senior to Help is Here…they won’t want to waste it, so they will use it!



Transportation will be via your Senior’s vehicle. If your Senior does not have a vehicle, the services of Uber/Lift will be utilized (the cost of Uber/Lift will be added to the invoice).